JCBC is now insured!

Thanks to the American Homebrewers Association, the Jersey City Brew Club is now insured! The AHA worked out a deal with West Insurance to insure homebrew clubs around the country under a group program which allows up to $1 million liability and liquor liability insurance for each instance.

The cost is only $3.50 per member – your dues at work! It’s a great price, and gives our club a bit of extra insurance should something happen at one of our events.

Announcing the 4th Annual JCBC Homebrew Contest!

The 4th St Arts Fest has come to an end, but JCBC’s Annual Homebrew Contest hasn’t! This year we are joining Jersey City Theater Center for their “Artoberfest” at Merseles Studios to host our homebrew contest. Artoberfest will be a day of art, music, and food, with beer from local breweries, including NJ Beer Co! And of course, homebrew!

Saturday, September 27

The format this year will be a little different than what we usually do. There are going to be two prize groups for this year’s contest, judged in different ways:

  • Judge’s Choice – This year’s contest is BJCP Sanctioned, meaning you will get great feedback from BJCP-certified judges. The entry fee is $5, and two unlabeled bottles (with entry sheet) must be dropped off at The Thirsty Quaker by Friday, September 19. The entry fee will be waived if also joining the People’s Choice competition. At the moment, only 75 entrants will be allowed, but more spots may open if we get more judges. These entries will be judged the week before, Saturday September 20.
  • People’s Choice – The people’s choice will be similar to previous years, where contestants bring up to 5 gallons of beer to serve to attendees. If joining the People’s Choice competition, your entry fee for Judge’s Choice is waived. Kegs or bottles are both fine. Entrants may bring multiple beers, but will be limited to entering only two for consideration. Ice and tubs will be provided. Space is set at a maximum of 24 entrants!
  • Volunteers & Judges – If you are BJCP certified, we would love to have you attend and judge our entrants! If you are not a certified judge, we could still use your help the day of, by organizing beer for the judges and helping brewers with pouring. Sign up below!

Sign up as a judge or volunteer

Sign up as a brewer


Tickets on sale now for JCBC Summer Walking Tour July 26

Curious to see local homebrewers’ setups? Take an afternoon tour of Hoboken and Jersey City, visiting home breweries and sampling homebrewed beer. After the tour, head home or stay late to join us at a Jersey City bar! Homebrewers and curious beer lovers both welcome!

This tour will include 4 stops in Hoboken and Jersey City, with multiple samples of homebrewed beer and snacks at each stop. The ticket also includes a one-way ticket on the Light Rail.

Note: This is a walking tour, taking 5-20 minutes between stops. Please wear appropriate footwear. Also, please come with a full stomach to offset all the beer!

Get your tickets fast, once they are sold out, we will not put any more on sale!

Details and tickets here:

The Jersey City Malt Liquor Challenge!

The Jersey City Malt Liquor Challenge has begun! If you want to enter the Malt Liquor Challenge, just brew up enough malt liquor to share, and bring it to our BBQ on Sunday, August 31 (the day before Labor Day. Time and location tbd).

We’ll have two awards: Best in Show, and True to Style, voted on by the participants. At the moment, the prizes are just bragging rights, but if we get enough entrants we’ll think up something more appropriate.

Comment here or use our Contact Page  if you’d like to participate.

Style Guidelines:

  • Grain bill must be over 50% adjuncts
  • Alcohol percentage should be 6-9.5% by volume (any higher and it’s basically just a tripel or quad)
  • Color should be straw to amber
  • Should be clear
  • Lagering is recommended but not necessary

Your malt liquor doesn’t need to be in 40s, but that would probably earn you some cred.

Our calendar & events are down at the moment

Just an FYI that our events are currently not working. We’re trying to sort it out. In the meantime, here are the important events you need to know about:

Saturday, May 3 Beer & Chili Fest @ Grove St

Sunday, May 18 Grand Opening BBQ @ The Thirsty Quaker

June 12-14 National Homebrew Conference in Grand Rapids, MI

Our Monthly Meeting, the 3rd Wednesday of each month @ HopsScotch Bar on Washington St, Jersey City. Next meeting is May 21

Info about this Saturday’s Beer & Chili Fest!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: 9AM Saturday, we need a couple people (2-4) to help set up our tent and tables. It won’t take more than 30 minutes, but the tent is huge. We only have about 6 tables so that won’t take much time at all.

WHEN TO BRING YOUR BEER: We’ll be serving from about 1-5. Please bring your beer by NOON. If you can’t bring your beer personally, or will be held up, bring your beer to The Thirsty Quaker, and I’ll bring it over in the morning. My shop is already turning into a keg camp, I won’t mind a few more.

WHAT THE FESTIVAL WILL PROVIDE: Tables, ice, tubs, cups, signs.

WHAT YOU SHOULD BRING: Your beer, bottle openers, a jockey box if you have one, any CO2 tanks/regulators (if you have spares, I’d appreciate it).

IF YOU DON’T HAVE 5 GALLONS: Bring some beer anyway, it will be a fun day and we can share, whether it’s a full 5 gallons or just a few bottles you have lying around.

OTHER STUFF: If you’re bringing beer, you don’t have to pay, of course. If you want to volunteer to help serve beer, let us know. And remember, we’ll be serving as a group, so we can all switch off and walk around and enjoy the chili and music.



Facebook page for event

Advance Tickets

JCBC sampling @ Newark Ave Street Fair

The JCBC will be serving up flights of homebrew at the street fair going on at Grove St & Newark Ave in early May. This awesome street fair is being put on by 4th Street Arts, and will feature music and chili! It’s not a contest, we’ll all be at a couple tables together working a few jockey boxes, so don’t worry about having to hunker down and talk about your beer the whole time, we can all work together.

Also, brewers will be compensated for the grain, hops, yeast, and whatever else they put into their beer (about $50 / beer, I believe). Nice!

For more info, visit the following links:
Sign up here
Official event page
JCBC discussion page


How to become an official dues-paying JCBC member

The JCBC has grown a lot over the last few years, and we have a big crowd at all our meetings now, and big crowds at our contests and other events. It’s great to see the homebrew community growing and getting involved.

We’ve talked about dues for a while, and at the last meeting we came to an agreement. The fee is a nominal $10 per year (due by the March meeting), but will help us make everyone official JCBC members, and will come with a lot of great benefits:

  • Priority discounted access to JCBC events like tours and contests
  • Exclusive access to things like our BJCP study group or our homebrew library
  • Discounts at The Thirsty Quaker (coming soon) and possibly local bars

You don’t have to be a dues-paying member to attend our monthly meetings, but by joining up, you’ll help ensure we can keep doing cool things for our club, like the vans we rented to transport everyone to the NYCHG’s 25th anniversary party at Brooklyn Brewery.

So please attend the next meeting you can and bring $10 for your annual dues (see Kendall).

Beer Judge Certification Program study group details

Those interested in the Beer Judge Certification Program Study Group may now register through brown paper tickets at:

The cost covers 11 weeks of beer for each meeting, snacks, our meeting space, and other study materials (books, etc). The first class will be on February 26th, and space is limited. We also have several experts from the field lined up that will give talks and guide us through fun tastings!

Even if you’re not interested in judging, this will be a great opportunity to learn about how small changes in the homebrew process can lead to great beer or bad beer.

Registration is limited to dues-paying members of the JCBC only! If you are not yet a dues-paying member, please bring your $10 annual dues to the February meeting (February 19th), or Contact Us.