The AHA Conference is coming to the East Coast!

The American Homebrewers’ Association (AHA) National Homebrewers Conference is in Philadelphia this year, June 27-29. This is the first time it’s on the East Coast. I know people who have been previous years, and they said it was a fun time. There’s seminars, an expo, a banquet and a homebrewers club night, where clubs from around the country have tables and share their beer.


The details are all at the AHA website . If you want to go by yourself or with the club, act soon, as it fills up quickly, as does the hotel. Attendance all three days is certainly not necessary. Friday night is the club night.

Thanks to Keith for the post info.

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4 Responses to The AHA Conference is coming to the East Coast!

  1. Anthony DiPrimio says:

    How many people r going from the club? Registration is today! Looking 2 see what hotel arrangements are. Shoot me an email.

    • Kendall says:

      I’m not sure who is going from the club, but I’ll ask around. I don’t think the club as an organization is planning to go, but we might be able to work out a discount for any club members that want to go.

      Also, I didn’t realize until just now that you need to be an AHA member in order to register for the conference, so make sure to sign up for that first if you aren’t already a member.

  2. Kendall says:

    A couple of members managed to get tickets before it sold out. There’s a facebook conversation about it going on right now:

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