The Jersey City Malt Liquor Challenge!

The Jersey City Malt Liquor Challenge has begun! If you want to enter the Malt Liquor Challenge, just brew up enough malt liquor to share, and bring it to our BBQ on Sunday, August 31 (the day before Labor Day. Time and location tbd).

We’ll have two awards: Best in Show, and True to Style, voted on by the participants. At the moment, the prizes are just bragging rights, but if we get enough entrants we’ll think up something more appropriate.

Comment here or use our Contact Page  if you’d like to participate.

Style Guidelines:

  • Grain bill must be over 50% adjuncts
  • Alcohol percentage should be 6-9.5% by volume (any higher and it’s basically just a tripel or quad)
  • Color should be straw to amber
  • Should be clear
  • Lagering is recommended but not necessary

Your malt liquor doesn’t need to be in 40s, but that would probably earn you some cred.

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