Helpful links for homebrewers and links to our friends.

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Our Favorite Bars

Barcade – Jersey City

Iron Monkey – Jersey City

HopsScotch – Jersey City

McGinley Square Pub – Jersey City


Local Homebrew Stores

The Thirsty Quaker – Located in Jersey City!

Bitters and Esters – Brooklyn, NY

Corrado’s – Paterson, NJ

Cask & Kettle – Boonton, NJ

Princeton Homebrew – Trenton, NJ

The Brewer’s Apprentice – Freehold, NJ


3 Responses to Links

  1. MaryBeth says:

    Hello – do you have a t-shirt or a sticker for sale that features your Statue of Liberty logo? Thanks!

    • Kendall says:

      Hey, we have both actually! Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to sell them online at the moment, but if you come to our next meeting, I can bring some along. We’ve also got mugs and pitchers with the logo on it, but the guy holding on to those will be on vacation for the next few weeks.

  2. Melissa says:

    Hi , I have the same question. Do you have any more t-shirts and stickers? Also, I would like to join the club. I am newbie having just made my first batch of beer this month.

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